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Cerere admin GLAD Tunisia

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- Nickname: ghanem ben zbir

- Age: 33

- Facebook / Link Steam : https://www.facebook.com/ghanemzbir - 

Hours played on server (gametracker) : https://www.gametracker.com/player/GLAD Tunisia/

- Experience as an Admin (low/medium/high) :hight

 Do you use Teamspeak 3 ?: yes

- Can you help with donations?: yes

- Did you read the rules? (What is the key word?): hulk

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Posted (edited)
52 minutes ago, kdzlolzor said:

:contra:Nu imi inspira incredere.


to be honest, I don't trust you either. The first time around you acted like you're a girl named Sarah. you also have a fake facebook >>> https://www.facebook.com/ghanem.benzbir.3

with the name Sarah Ben Zabir.

your request GLAD ADMIN .... i think you mean "GRAD"  which is the exact word in french which you speak as being from tunisia.. which means that you are not paying attention at all.

in this link >>>> https://www.vipgame.ro/forum/index.php?/topic/8045-euro-campanie-adminevip-free/ you said that your name is sarah and you are 24 years old. now you are a man named ghanem and you are 33 yo. there are too many fake stuff about you.




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