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  1. nick : Malware Ip : Steam id : STEAM_0:0:1216596160 Reason : aimbot proof : noneed !
  2. Nick : Tafa . / Maliq Ip : Steam id : STEAM_0:0:78382117 reason : no.ss Proof :
  3. Nick : FORNITE IP/ STEAMID : Steamid : VALVE_0:4:871111046 IP : Reason : no.ss Proof : .
  4. Nick: Player • IP/SteamID: STEAM_0:0:1185271152 : • Duration: permenant • Reason: aim/wall • Proof:no need it's clean with aim +wall bot
  5. My steam is on and this is written in the model of admin steam on You do not have to have hours played. - Minimum age 16 years. - Reading the Regulation. - Do not give a new topic, post here - Complying with the presented model. - The in-game nickname must coincide with the user in the forum. And I am online one Teamspeek3 all the time means many hours
  6. - Nick: Am@zing Aim - Age:18 - Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/mrzain.mrzain.5 - Link steam:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198935997471 - How do you help in popular? (print when you post or post on the facebook ad): ok ! I will - You can be active on Team-Speak:Sure - Have you read the guidelines ?: The answer is: ( cuvanat corect ) - Can you help the server with a donation? : Maybe
  7. We will wait for admin roman ! with proff !
  8. Nick player : [FUN] Am@zing Aim ? Nick Admin : Gladiatoru Data : 10:12 AM yesterday ! Dovdada : *DEAD* [FUN] Am@zing Aim ? : [FUN] Am@zing Aim ? killed Gladiatoru with knife I didn't know about this topic today i know this ! so sorry i don't have SS next time !
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Nick: [FUN] Am@zing Aim ? Age (minim17): 18 Where are you from: pakistan Steam owner (STEAM-ID): don't have ! Hours played on the server (minimum 30 hours): i am done ! ScanareWarGods: http://www.wargods.ro/wcd/download.php (OBLIGATORIU): www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=1648484 Experience in Admin:5 years Are you agreeing to use TeamSpeak for the duration of the game ?: Yes ! How do you know about FuN: old Player ! You Can Make Donations: no I read the Rules and I commit to respect it: I was removed because my fault was that i was unactive as i talk to sultan he said you are unactive and you get removed ! i have some issues of that unactivity that my sister has an operation she was not feeling well as i give absenties and telled to sultan that my sister is not feeling well 2 days before the operation has done finally today i reached to pkaistan and i was playing and i was lost my admin sorry for that now i will give my big patience and activity as before i was giving you can check my ban list ! Thank you ! Respectly !
  11. he has nothing to say bro ! i need just justice he must get -1 upon rules !
  12. Your name: [FUN] Am@zing AIm ? Claimed admin name: Gladiatoru Date and time: 10:03 Am Reason for complaint: Hello There one more time , as all know that i was admin and i get removed because of inactivity by a founder and i also give a retargee but i was late Sorry for that and i also tell to sultan that my sister was not feeeling well she has an operation that has done today i reached pakistan and in my home now i was active so, there was an admin Roman And Gladiatoru we were playing Roman is old friend he was talking with me on Ts and in server and suddenly i and roman were moved to another channel by Gladiatoru because we were talking on mike in URDU language and we didn't say anything to Gladiatoru then why he move us ? Who he is ? bro tell him read the rules after that i go to in server and say Gladiatoru you noob why you move us he said why u call me noob and he ban from Ts and server for 2 hours it's not the way to talk or to solve anything he must get -1 and i will wait for roman reply that what is truth if u guys don't believe you guys must believe roman and i have proff and when i say him noob he ban from Ts in angry moment i knifed him and said This and i get ban from server also *DEAD* [FUN] Am@zing Aim ? : [FUN] Am@zing Aim ? killed Gladiatoru with knife *DEAD* [FUN] Am@zing Aim ? : he is child bro *DEAD* DepaMina!_drOp_TarnoAK : /rs roman : bro pls (PLAYER) [FUN] Am@zing Aim ? : I didn't say him anything roman : dont use that (PLAYER) [FUN] Am@zing Aim ? : just i say noob ***************************************** ** ADMIN : Gladiatoru ** TIMP : [07/03/2019] - [05:59:40] && SERVER : FUN.VIPGAME.RO # Romania FunCS ** NUMELE TAU : [FUN] Am@zing Aim ? || IP : && STEAM : STEAM_0:0:1666360472 ** POSTEAZA POZELE PE www.VIPGAME.Ro PENTRU DEBANARE! Kicked :"Check Console. lbj (banned Noob and you are child is not an offensive language and abuses ! so why he give me ban ! !! Waiting For admin's reply +Founder's ! Respectly !!! BE THE BEST FUCK THE REST!!!!

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