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  1. can you give me any toturiols about blur ? please
  2. Before :- After:- X Original :- https://imgur.com/ELTi8RN
  3. MY First GIf Avatar I make Ever !!
  4. x x
  5. @Sebastian A. X X
  6. Tipul [avatar(forum sau steam)/semnătură/banner/etc]: Forum Text principal: Deadshot. Text secundar [VIPGAME / VIPGAME.RO / SERVER.VIPGAME.RO / derivate ale comunității]: Vipgame.ro Dimensiuni: For this forum Stock/Render[obligatoriu]: https://imgur.com/a/FwUy1wS Ultima cerere creată? : https://bit.ly/2WKwcJ1 Alte precizări: thank you , I know it's will be awesome before see it =)
  7. And newest image x Original :- https://imgur.com/vOM4Byh
  8. Then I watch toturials on this forum and Eve section x x x
  9. First things I made Ever x x
  10. This is not Gallery It's just post i will share here all png files I maked and I want You guys to tell me what I should change and keep working on it ...etc I know I am very noob with this but I can be better with you all love and thankfull for every one replay to this topic
  11. ok thank you all , you can close this topic
  12. Of course i like it , thank you Bro <3
  13. Nick : [Joingame] Maria 2019 IP : Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:1122034508 Adminul care v-a banat : carnaciorDEbere & Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:1:22815019 Data , ora , harta : Yesterday(12/6) at 5 Am ,map Dd2 Dovezi ( se accepta print la consola / snapshot) : https://imgur.com/a/zhtWnJp Mai doresti sa spui ceva? : They was killing Afks Of course i can know they are in our base -__- (even bots can know this not admins!!) and why ban me with out SS ; and Server not starting autodemo so wtf ? ! oh and I change my nicks to Deadshot :)))

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